Bidding for your place in a team

Good evening everyone.

Thank you all for your kind donations so far, and everyone who has contacted us and asking if they can get involved on the day. It’s very much appreciated and we shall be in contact with you.

This update is mainly regarding the football match.

I’ve had many people contact me asking to play and making bids for spots on either team.

Please direct message me, with your bid (minimum £30) kit size and preferred position.
If successful I’ll let you know ASAP and when you have confirmation you make your donation to the just giving page below.

I do apologise if this is a little complicated but it’s the best way to get money in on time, and so we don’t become over subscribed on the day. There are two teams of 18. So there are 36 spots available, these shall go very quick so make sure you get involved as quick as you can.

Here is the link, once bid accepted.


That’s all for now, you can all expect more regular updates now as the event draws closer and things start falling into place.

All good will donations welcome! But please leave your name so we can thank you!

Any queries please contact myself or any of the below.

Don’t forget to share the event to friends and family.

Michael Casey Kieran Sullivan John Paul Kingston Jamie Reilly Ian Pereira Dan Burgess

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