BREAKING NEWS: Mos Eisley FC & Ace Squad Announcement

So here we are, only 2 weeks before the big match between Mos Eisley FC and “Ace Squad”. The press conference has come and gone, and despite Jay’s best efforts in mediating, things are heating up between the two sides already. Shots have been fired, digs have been thrown. Banter on the Facebook feed is in full flow. We have a Denis Canty, denied football for the past few years chomping at the bit to get at Ace Squad’s backline. Will he hit a hat-trick on his first appearance on English soil? We also have an over-confident Chesh a.k.a House Chesh a.k.a PC35 laughing in the faces of his opponents. But if there’s one takeaway from the live press conference, apart from Matt “Unbelievable Jeff!” de Lima asking “What’s happening (man)?”, it has to be Darren Stewart with “Sean why are you praising up the opposition your meant to be our fearless leader?” and Liam Sullivan chipping in with simply “#SEANOUT”. The Ace Squad dressing room is lost already boys. Sort it out! 😉

If you missed the video or aren’t on Facebook, you can catch a recording of the press conference below. Special thanks to Sean’s Mum for the table cloth and Britta filter.

So, here are the squads:

Mos Eisley FC

Sam Coleman
John Powles
James Hutchfull
Jon Hanna
Ashley Williams
Enzo Innes
Paddy McKeown
Steve East
Denis Canty
Paul Kingston (c)
Nick Lindley
Daniel Hanna
Marcus Righton
Colin Friel
Gavin Pereira
Victor Oppong

Ace Squad

Sean Stewart (c)
Liam Sullivan
Ben Moore
Colin Innes
Michael Casey
Jamie Reilly
Dan Tasker
Michael Chaplin
Brandon Verschosen
Lance Dennard
Luke (Colin’s mate)
James “Cronin”
Darren Stewart
Paul Cheshire

Whatever happens, it’s guaranteed to be a great match, a great day and for a great cause. With a massive dose of competitiveness!

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