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"Where do I begin?"

Where do I begin?

He was our brave, funny, annoying, cheeky, stubborn, honest (sometimes brutally so) clever, amazing son. 

David was diagnosed with Cystic fibrosis at the age of 10, a shock to us all. He went on to take all his treatment, physiotherapy, hospital appointments etc. in his stride, well, most of the time.

He spent so much of his time in Lewisham hospital, it became like a second home to him. The fantastic staff there took such amazing care of him. He made some special friendships throughout his time there, some staff, some other CF warriors, who many have sadly lost their battle. Thank goodness for Nintendo. The games kept him going, a new one each time he received his IV antibiotics as an inpatient. No wonder he was so good at Mario Kart games.

When he was sixteen he passed his driving test, first time. He was absolutely thrilled, as we all were for him. He got his first car, a green VW Polo, through the Motability scheme. When he picked it up from the dealership, he knew the car inside out, from what engine type, additional options, colour available in that model, etc.  The car dealer said he should have his job.  All the car magazines that he read over the years were finally paying off.

As you all know, David loved his music. So off to the Reading festivals he would go with his friends. At one of the festivals, Blur was headlining. But before they did their set on stage, David had a bout of haemoptysis (bleeding from his lungs) so ended up in the medical tent, where the staff were advising him that he should go to the local hospital A&E. But no, David was not going anywhere until he had seen Blur. And besides he told them, “this happens quite often, and always settles down again” The medical staff had a word with the stage crew, and explained the situation. The next thing that happened, David was escorted by not one, but two nurses on the side stage to meet Blur. He loved every minute of it.

But sadly David’s lung function deteriorated. Spending Christmas and the New Year in Lewisham hospital became the norm for a few years.  Mind you he did enjoy the wonderful view of the fireworks over London on New Year’s Eve from his hospital room. The time had come for David to go on the transplant list. After two years and six calls, two where he was gowned and ready, the seventh call came, and he finally got his new lungs on the 30th June 2008, four days after his 28th birthday.

After a tricky first year with some complications, he got a new lease of life, and boy did he make up for lost time. So many great nights in London and Croydon followed with all his wonderful friends.  Losing his favourite brown corduroy jacket and his keys, and then replacing them was quite a regular thing. The Black sheep bar staff knew Lil Dave oh soooo well.  The beer festival was definitely one of the highlights of his year.

But sadly it was not to last, a routine x-ray at his CF clinic showed up a shadow in his right lung. MRI and CT scans followed, then a biopsy.  Then on 19 May 2017, Dr Baker confirmed the worst that it was indeed Cancer, and it had spread throughout his body as David had been on immunosuppressive medication since his transplant. David told us that what really upsets him is the thought of his family and friends being sad once he was gone.  He also said to me “Mum, I am not afraid of dying, I just don’t want to be in any pain” So very brave. But none of us knew just how quickly he would be gone from us. Just 29 days later on Sat 17th June, David passed away peacefully and without pain.

So don’t be sad, let’s celebrate his life, and enjoy this fun day arranged by his amazing friends, too numerous to mention.

He will always be with us, in our hearts

Lenita x

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