DK Cup 2019

VIDEO – The DK Cup 2019 Team Announcement & Player Walk-Outs

The team sheets have been handed in. The 18th June saw Sean and Ian reveal the players for this year’s DK Cup and it’s great we were able to keep the teams largely the same. So a special thanks for all the  players for making their donations. If you missed the hilarious walk-out videos, you can see them in the video below.

WARNING: Safe for work….just.

Teamsheets for the big match.

Adebayo Akinfenwa Backs Mos Eisley for DK Cup 2019 Win

There’s been lots of discussion of late on who will be victorious at this year’s DK Cup. Mos Eisley FC will still feel an injustice to the manner of last year’s loss, best described like “one of those games on Football Manager – 100 shots and you still lose”. Ace Squad will say it was a classic case of smash and grab.

A few weeks ago, it turns out Jimmy Bullard himself was backing Ace Squad for the win again this year. But it seems Mos Eisley have gained a fan in none other than Adebayo Akinfenwa – the strongest player in Fifa. After hearing about the manner of last years loss, Adebayo is backing the Eisley for the win. Catch the shout out below.


Jimmy Bullard Backs Ace Squad for DK Cup 2019

It would appear that the Ace Squad hype train is in full motion. With lots of spare time on his hands in his new life in LA, PC35 has struck up an unlikely relationship with Soccer AM presenter and former England International, Jimmy Bullard. It’s fair to say that Jimmy seems extremely confident of an Ace Squad win, almost as if he was paid to say so.

Check out the video below.


UPDATE: Worlds most hench footballer backs Mos Eisley FC #beastmode



News just in. DK Cup 2019 sources understand that Mos Eisley FC and Ace Squad captains, Ian Pereira and Sean Stewart, have agreed on team line-ups for the David Kingston Cup 2019. With much controversy surrounding last years result, the two captains have been assessing the players available and it seems they have come to a decision. It’s expected that many of the unanswered questions surrounding the team selection will be addressed – will Jamie Reilly be extending his loan period at Ace Squad? Will Chesh finally be let out of Paddy’s pocket? And will Sean and Ian manage 10 minutes on the pitch between them?

All will be revealed this Tuesday (18/06) at 8pm on Facebook Live. Tune in.

DK Cup 2019 – Everything you need to know

The time is almost upon us – less than 3 weeks til the second David Kingston Cup!

It goes without saying that the inaugural DK Cup 2018 was a major, major success, raising an incredible £6,746!! So myself and the guys would like to say once again, a huge thank you to everyone who donated and helped make the day so much better than any of us could have envisaged.

So, with DK Cup only round the corner, here’s everything need to know so far

10am – Doors Open

  • Date: 6th July 2019
  • Address is Peckham Town Football Club, SE21 7EU
  • Doors open at 10am

Directions here to ground can be found here.

12:30pm – The Big Match

Mos Eisley FC (capt. Ian Pereira) once again face Ace Squad (capt. Sean Stewart) in the 2nd DK Cup. For those that witnessed last year’s spectacle (or debacle…), it was match of great intensity, competitiveness and controversial decisions, but one thing is was certainly not lacking was entertainment. The teams will be announced soon, so play stay tuned to the website or watch out for notifications on the facebook page.

  • Kick-off – 12:30pm
  • Awards – 2:45pm
  • Penalty King – 3:15pm

Food, drink, entertainment etc

We have a BBQ, cake stall, bar, face painting, badge making, tombola, bouncy castle and of course Sarah’s world renowned sausage rolls. I was lucky enough to pop round to Casey’s and sample a range of sausage rolls and can confirm, they are the bomb.

7:30pm – Pub Quiz in the The Great Southern

After the match, we’ll hold the raffle and pub quiz in the Great Southern (formerly the Gipsy Hill Tavern). Directions here.

If you’d like to get involved on the day, have any prizes for the raffle, or would like to help with anything please contact Sean, Kieran, Dan, Casey, Ian , Jamie or Paul.

Photos from the DK Cup 2018

Better late than never, but if you haven’t yet seen photos from last year, you can check out Emma’s photos on her Flickr account –

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